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March 11, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Scaffolding Contractors Insurance

There is a long list of businesses that rely on scaffolding for their day-to-day operations. A few examples include those involved in the following: 

  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Window cleaning
  • Roof repairs
  • Building inspections
  • Scaffolding rental

For businesses in the above list (or similar businesses), getting scaffolding contractors insurance is a must. This type of insurance essentially involves two things: 

  • Obtaining insurance for the scaffolding materials themselves; and
  • Getting insurance for accidents that could arise from setting up/using/transporting scaffolding materials. 

In this guide, we talk about the many aspects of scaffolding contractors insurance to help you best decide which type your business needs. 

Let’s get started!  

Workers of a construction or scaffolding company covered by scaffolding contractors insurance

What is Scaffolding Contractors Insurance? 

Scaffolding insurance is a broad term used for insurance solutions that address the risks of using/renting scaffolding. This is an aspect of commercial insurance needed by businesses that are engaged in the following: 

  • Renting out scaffolding to other businesses;
  • Setting up or dismantling scaffolding (for own use or for the use of another company);
  • Transporting scaffolding (whether via owned vehicles or via a carrier); and
  • Storing scaffolding in a physical location.

If one or more of the above job tasks is handled by your company, you can protect your business by exploring these insurance options: 

  1. Insurance for Scaffolding Theft/Vandalism 
  2. Scaffolding Contractors Insurance for Transport 
  3. Scaffolding Contractors Insurance for General Liability
  4. Insurance for Contractor Accidents/Injuries

1. Insurance for Scaffolding Theft/Vandalism

As a temporary structure, scaffolding is usually left on the project site during breaks and overnight. For this reason, scaffolding materials are vulnerable to theft. 

Here are related news items that demonstrate how common scaffolding theft is:

The best way to safeguard scaffolding materials from theft or vandalism is to secure a customized builder’s risk insurance for your business. Builder’s risk insurance protects unfinished structures as well as tools and temporary structures (e.g. scaffolding).

2. Scaffolding Contractors Insurance for Transport 

Whether you rent or own scaffolding, you may be using heavy trucks to transport these materials from one location to another. If so, then your business can benefit from securing what’s known as inland marine insurance.

Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance is designed to cover repair/replacement costs in the event that transported materials are damaged. Additionally, this type of insurance also provides coverage for materials that are stolen/vandalized while on-site. It does not only protect materials like scaffolding; it can also provide protection for mobile equipment. 

What’s important to note is that inland marine insurance is solely for transported materials and equipment. Heavy trucks used in transporting scaffolding materials are not covered by inland marine insurance. 

Commercial Auto Insurance and Fleet Insurance

So if you’re looking to safeguard a truck used for transport as well, the best type of insurance for this is commercial auto insurance. In case you have more than one truck or a combination of commercial vehicles, you may be eligible to get fleet insurance instead. 

The coverage of commercial auto insurance and fleet insurance is similar. However, the latter is designed for easily managing insurance for multiple commercial vehicles. In the event that your commercial vehicle(s) get involved in an accident, commercial auto insurance or fleet insurance will cover repair/replacement costs — as well as costs relating to bodily injuries. 

A truck transporting scaffolding materials

3. Scaffolding Contractors Insurance for General Liability

Working from heights is one of the main hazards faced by construction companies and various contracting businesses. This is not just dangerous for the workers themselves, but it also poses a risk for third-party individuals such as clients, suppliers, and the general public. Risks also extend towards properties — such as cars, public structures, and private structures.

In connection with scaffolding use, third-party damage or injury is likely to happen when tools, debris, or materials fall from a height. Moreover, the scaffolding itself could collapse due to an accident. 

This is why companies that use, set up, or dismantle scaffolding need general liability insurance. General liability insurance is designed to provide financial protection in case lawsuits arise from third-party injuries or third-party property damage. It covers legal costs, medical costs, and repair costs associated with such incidents.

Being one of the broadest and most vital types of insurance, general liability insurance goes way beyond scaffolding-related incidents. It covers damage or injuries connected to your overall business operations, such as injuries within business premises and reputational/advertising injuries.

4. Insurance for Contractor Accidents/Injuries 

Earlier, we mentioned that working from heights is a hazard for workers. Accidental trips or slips from a height, scaffolding collapses, or tip-overs can lead to grave injuries or even death.

The insurance solution that addresses worker injury, whether in connection to scaffolding accidents or not, is known as workers compensation insurance.

In many regions, this is required by law. So if you’re just starting a contracting business, it’s one of the vital insurance policies that you need to explore.  

Get Customized Insurance to Protect Your Business

This wraps up our guide on scaffolding contractors insurance. In the above sections, we discussed all the risks associated with scaffolding and what types of insurance address these risks. If you’re looking to put together your own tailor-fit insurance plan or insurance bundle, we’re here to help!

Contractors Insurance is an award-winning, Toronto-based insurance brokerage firm that specializes in customized insurance plans. Through the years, we’ve served various contractors, tradespeople, and professionals across Ontario.

Whether you’re looking to get one insurance policy or a more diverse insurance bundle as your scaffolding contractors insurance, we can provide the best options for your needs. 

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