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Construction Consultant Insurance in Ontario

At Contractors Insurance, we know your job can be difficult. This is why our award-winning commercial insurance brokerage firm offers customizable policies to our clients, helping them secure their finances against risks and liabilities.

One of the policies we provide is construction consultant insurance. We have provided countless construction consultants with personalized plans catered to their needs. 

You’re in good hands with us!

What Is Construction Consultant Insurance?

Construction consultants are professionals who offer their expertise and services to clients to ensure a construction project finishes on time as planned. Their responsibilities may include assessing the project’s building costs and contracts, as well as working with contractors and urban designers to draft plans and implement these ideas on-site.

For many construction consultants, a single blanket policy is not enough. One mistake can easily set you back thousands of dollars while damaging your reputation. 

Professional liability insurance for consultants may include:

General Liability Insurance 

Just like any other profession, you also need general liability insurance. This policy protects you against damages or costs incurred from claims such as third-party bodily injury, property damage, damages or liabilities caused by your completed project or installation, or advertising and reputational damages.

This type of policy would also help pay for medical bills if needed as well as any repair or equipment replacements required at the project site.

Errors and Omissions Insurance 

As a consultant, you may be tasked to hire building designers, architects, or engineers to work on the project. They’ll either be working with you or on your behalf.

However, if any of your sub-consultants fall behind schedule, fail to deliver results within the given deadline, or do not fulfill what was agreed upon in the contract, you will be held liable for their shortcomings. In this instance, you’ll need errors and omissions insurance to help cover the costs of a claim or lawsuit.

Workers Compensation Insurance 

This might be an additional policy you need to get, as some provinces or territories require contractors to have it before taking on any projects. Workers compensation insurance helps pay for any expenses related to occupational injury. 

It could cover the hospitalization of the contractor, their medication and rehabilitation, and help pay for lost wages while they’re in the hospital.

Who Can Benefit From Extra Coverage?

This type of insurance is beneficial to all consultants working in the construction industry, whether they are independent consultants or part of a company. 

Like most contractors working on a construction site, consultants are also exposed to the various risks and hazards specific to their line of work. One mishap and everything you’ve worked hard for can come crashing down.

We have helped numerous construction consultants set up customized policies to protect them from claims or financially-draining legal battles. If you have questions or require assistance in figuring out which policy works best for you, we’re here to help.

How This Insurance Protects You From Claims

Risks and hazards are unavoidable across various industries and jobs, and construction sites are no exception. You or your sub-consultants often provide specialized expertise to clients to help them finish their projects or installations, but one mistake can lead to injuries or project-altering results. 

To mitigate the financial losses borne from these events, it’s vital to protect yourself with an insurance bundle that supports your risk-management strategy.

Construction Consultant Insurance Claims Examples

Claims Example #1

  • Problem Icon

    A residential designer hires an architect and engineer to design the home of one of his clients. However, they incorrectly design one of the slabs for a block built inside the home, resulting in severe damage that compromises the structural features of the home. The residential designer is sued and asked to pay legal expenses.

  • Outcome Icon

    The residential designer is protected with errors and omissions insurance that helps them pay for the total costs, which amount to $60,000.

Claims Example #2

  • Problem Icon

    A carpenter is working on a project when the scaffolding he is on fails, causing him to fall from a great height. The carpenter sustains major injuries that require physical rehabilitation. He sues his employer after alleging they failed to provide him with a safe workplace.

  • Outcome Icon

    The employer is covered by workers compensation insurance, which helps pay for the carpenter’s medical bills that amount to $80,000. It also helps cover the wages he loses while undergoing physiotherapy.

Claims Example #3

  • Problem Icon

    A contractor is tasked to construct a new garage in a client’s home. The contractor follows the standards and building codes and completes the project on time. However, the client refuses to pay because they are unhappy with the results.

  • Outcome Icon

    The client files a claim against you for $45 000 in damages. Luckily, your additional errors and omissions policy coverage helps pay for the total costs.

Ontario’s Leading Insurance Provider

One of the reasons why we’ve built long-lasting partnerships with our clients is because we always put them first. Our customer-centric approach helps us overcome common obstacles to continue providing our clients with the best experience. 

We offer our customers the following benefits:

Personalized Insurance Plans 

Whether you need construction consultant insurance or additional coverage on top of your existing policy, Contractors Insurance has got you covered. We offer personalized insurance plans specifically designed to protect you against the risks and liabilities that are unique to your business.

Transparency on Coverage and Limitations 

Our team of experts will walk you through your insurance policy, what the triggers are, your limits, and its exclusions. Then, we’ll make adjustments to your construction consultant insurance to ensure you get the coverage you need—no costly riders guaranteed.

Thorough and Straightforward Education 

As much as possible, we want to avoid using confusing jargon when explaining the details of your policy. This is because we want you to be comfortable enough to voice out any concerns or preferences regarding your insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you provide services directly to clients, you need to be able to protect yourself against claims that might be made against you. If someone sues you, the costs could be hefty and result in the bankruptcy of your business as well as damage your reputation. 

It’s difficult to estimate the total costs you need to pay for your policy because every business is different. The total expenses are based on several factors, such as the kind of consulting service you offer, your employees, and your business’s revenue. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for an estimate!

While it is not a legal requirement in Canada, you should still consider purchasing it on top of your existing coverage. This is to protect you against claims that you provided false information or failed to finish the project within a given deadline.

Get the Construction Consultant Insurance Coverage You Need

Contractors Insurance is a leading commercial insurance brokerage firm that specializes in providing customized policies to clients across all industries. 

We can set up professional liability insurance for consultants and ensure you only pay for the coverage you need—no unnecessary costs guaranteed.

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