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Land Surveyors Insurance

Contractors Insurance is a top-rated insurance brokerage firm based in Ontario. 

We specialize in providing personalized insurance plans for contractors, business owners, and other professionals—land surveyors included. 

Plotting land and measuring boundaries are important aspects of every construction project. Without the proper planning and mapping of the area, the structural integrity of a residential or commercial property may be at risk.

Over the years, we have helped tradespeople and contractors get land surveyors insurance, as well as any other insurance needs. You’re in good hands!

What Is Land Surveyors Insurance?

As a land surveyor, you’re expected to be precise in plotting or mapping out the land where a construction project will take place. Your work will determine the property’s boundaries, which carries several legal implications.

Mistakes can lead to numerous consequences, such as risking the structural integrity of a building or injuries due to negligence. You’ll be held liable if the errors involve rebuilding the project from scratch or delaying the project past the original deadline.

This is why you need insurance as a land surveyor. This is a specialized insurance policy that often includes the following:

Professional Liability Insurance 

Also known as Errors and Omissions insurance (E&0), professional liability insurance covers legal fees if you’re sued for negligence over an error. This could also happen if the client finds your work unsatisfactory or incomplete, whether true or not.

Fixing these incidents causes a lengthy court battle with hefty settlement fees. However, if you have professional liability insurance, you’ll be protected against financial losses.

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

During your surveying work, a miscalculation could end up injuring a client or a civilian passing by. If this happens, you’ll be held liable to pay for damages to the project as well as the medical bills of the injured person.

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) helps pay for third-party injury costs or third-party property damage. It also includes protection from lawsuits related to libel, slander, or violations of privacy.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Travelling to and from a project site is risky. You or your contractors could get into an accident or get stuck in a traffic jam. The medical and legal costs from these incidents will be steep, not to mention cause delays to your construction project.

Commercial auto insurance protects your business by covering hospital bills in case of bodily injuries caused by the accident or costs related to property damage or repairs.

Commercial Property Insurance 

Your place of business could be vulnerable to hazards, such as vandalism or theft, during non-office hours. This could leave you in crippling debt.

Commercial property insurance helps protect your workplace from costs related to physical damage and helps pay for repairs whenever needed.

Why Is It Important to Have Land Surveyors Insurance? 

As a land surveyor, you’re often under direct heat from the sun and are handling specialized tools and heavy equipment daily. These stressors can lead to you making a mistake with real property implications—and finding yourself in legal trouble. 

Land surveyors insurance prevents financial losses in case of unforeseen circumstances and helps you manage the risks you face at work.

Land Surveyors Insurance Claims Examples

Claims Example #1

  • Problem Icon

    You’re tasked to survey a plot of land in a commercial area. Based on your calculations, the client moves forward with building a hotel within your designated legal borders. However, a surveyor hired by the land developer tells you that your calculations are inaccurate, leading the client to sue you for negligence as they modify plans.

  • Outcome Icon

    Professional liability insurance protects you from hefty legal costs due to the lawsuit and any settlement costs included.

Claims Example #2

  • Problem Icon

    One of your surveyors is on their way to visit a soon-to-be demolition construction site a couple of towns over. While parking the company-owned vehicle, your staff member accidentally scratches the paint of the car parked beside her.

  • Outcome Icon

    Your commercial auto insurance covers damages to the car and your company-owned vehicle.

Claims Example #3

  • Problem Icon

    One of your clients decides to visit the project site. However, the floor has just been cleaned. Your client walks in and unknowingly slips, breaking an ankle. Your company is then sued for third-party bodily harm.

  • Outcome Icon

    Commercial general liability insurance will cover the costs related to the incident as well as settlement fees.

Leading Provider of Land Surveyors Insurance in Ontario

At Contractors Insurance, we offer the following benefits to all of our clients:

Personalized Insurance Plans 

While setting up your land surveyors insurance plan, we will ensure it includes what your business really needs or what you prefer—no unnecessary costs guaranteed.

Transparency on Coverage and Limitations 

We understand that industry jargon is confusing, so we make it a point to be transparent about every aspect of your insurance policy. This includes a thorough explanation of how it works, its triggers, and its exclusions.

Thorough and Straightforward Insurance Education 

As your trusted insurance partner, we want you to know exactly what to expect with your policy. As such, we use straightforward terms when explaining your insurance plan to ensure you know and understand it front to back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Land Surveyors Insurance

Many factors affect premiums: the services you offer, where your property is located, how much your business earns, and your tools and equipment. It’s best to inquire with one of our insurance brokers to receive an accurate quote.

Typically, if claims are infrequent, your premium should not be affected. However, larger and more frequent claims may impact deductions and premiums.

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