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Insurance for Window Installers

As a window installation business, there are some types of expenses that you should never go without — commercial insurance is one of them.

Contractors Insurance is a commercial insurance broker that will provide you with insurance tailored to your company’s individual needs. As commercial insurance specialists, we are here to answer all of your company’s questions and will help you to get the customized coverage you require to protect you from risks and liabilities that can undermine your business.

Contractors Insurance won’t leave your side once you are covered and will continue to provide five-star rated assistance throughout claims and negotiations as well.

What Is Window Installers Insurance?

Window installation insurance encompasses a wide range of protections unique to the businesses that install windows in new constructions, install replacement windows, install commercial windows, and repair damaged windows. Contractors Insurance will provide an insurance bundle covering window installation-related risks such as accidental damage to a customer’s property, slip and fall accidents, and other liabilities that can result in a disastrous lawsuit or an inability to work.

We recommend that commercial window installers procure liability coverage as well as other types of general industry-related coverage that provide the protection and peace of mind needed to operate this type of business.

Contractors Insurance can assist you with choosing the best insurance bundle for your window installation business. The most common types of window insurance include:

Commercial General Liability (GCL) Insurance

All businesses should obtain commercial general liability insurance. CGL insurance provides coverage for legal, repair, and medical expenses in the event that:

  • There are third-party injuries or property damage that occur while a work project is underway
  • There are third-party injuries or property damage that occur after the project’s completion
  • Third-party injuries occur on your business premises
  • There are advertising or reputational damages (i.e. slander or libel)

Window installations are subject to a high degree of types of risks that are shared across most contractors. CGL insurance coverage protects them from these liability risks.

Commercial Property Insurance

If your company has an office, warehouse, storefront, or another type of physical location that requires protection, Commercial property insurance provides essential coverage for your business in the event that there is a fire, theft, injury, or another incident on your premises that may result in a lawsuit.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Transportation of personnel and equipment is required for most window installation projects – auto insurance provides crucial protection for workers who operate vehicles for your window installation business. If your window installers are involved in a road accident while on the job, this insurance provides repair, medical, and even replacement coverage. This type of policy also covers you in the event of vehicle theft.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance protects your company and employees in the event that an employee is hurt while on the job. If your employees suffer a work-related illness or injury, they may receive both medical coverage and compensation until they are able to return to work. This type of coverage may also cover funeral expenses in the event that work-related injuries or illnesses result in the death of an employee.

Other Types of Insurance for Window Installers

Many commercial businesses also opt for insurance coverage that includes:

  • Professional liability insurance
  • Builder’s risk insurance
  • Installation and tool floater insurance
  • Construction equipment insurance and more

Depending on the type of services you offer, you may wish to include these or other types of coverage in your commercial insurance bundle. When you contact Contractors Insurance, we can discuss your specific needs in detail and help you initiate the ideal policies for your business and budget.

Why Is It Important to Have Insurance for Window Installers?

Should you opt for a window installation insurance bundle? Many contractors do. Bundling your insurance is a great way to save on your insurance costs as most insurers offer discounts for customers who procure more than one policy. Bundling insurance for window installers also streamlines the renewal and payment process. Rather than renewing and paying for each type of commercial insurance monthly or annually, you can make one payment for each type of insurance policy you carry for your business.

Leading Provider of Insurance for Window Installers in Ontario

Contractors in Ontario choose Contractor Insurance because of our reputation for outstanding customer service and business insurance expertise. We partner with over 100 insurance companies to provide the protection that businesses need to operate safely. Our pricing and policies are transparent and customized to provide our customers with exactly what they need.

Personalized Insurance Plans

By tailoring insurance bundles that are designed specifically to suit your business, we can ensure that you are protected efficiently and cost-effectively.

Utmost Transparency on Coverage and Limitations

Your window installers insurance bundle is detailed in the contract. As part of the claim process, you will be informed of the exclusions and limits of your plan.

Thorough and Straightforward Insurance Education

To help our clients make informed decisions about their insurance coverage, we provide comprehensive insurance education. Your plan will be customized according to the unique needs of your business if you have this information.

Ready to Get the Coverage You Need?

Contact Contractors Insurance today to discuss your window installation insurance needs. Whether you require a single insurance policy or a bundle, we’ll help you make the informed decisions you need to protect your business and obtain the reliable coverage you’re looking for.

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