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Based in Ontario, Contractors Insurance is an award-winning commercial insurance brokerage. We specialize in providing personalized contractor insurance policies for various businesses, including flat roofing contractors. 

Is your business involved in providing flat roofing services like flat roof construction, retrofitting, or repairs? Our customized flat roofing insurance can give you protection from different risks and liabilities unique to your industry.

Let Contractors Insurance watch over your business, so that you can focus on the more important things. Whether it’s premium negotiations or filing claims, you’ll never deal with commercial insurance matters alone again. 

What Is Flat Roofing Insurance?

Flat roofing insurance refers to an insurance bundle that provides extensive protection for businesses that construct, repair, maintain, or retrofit flat roofs. Flat roofing contractors are faced with numerous industry-related risks. This is why we always recommend commercial general liability coverage along with additional coverages. 

Here are some policies typically bundled in personalized flat roofing contractor insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) is a must for all businesses, especially flat roofing businesses, because they deal with high-risk projects and fall hazards. For example, a flat roof caving in, tools falling from a high place, and a client or bystander getting hurt during repair or installation can have detrimental outcomes. 

Commercial general liability, as part of your flat-roofing insurance bundle, will cover the medical, legal, and repair expenses should any of the following events happen:

  • Third-party injuries and property damage while the project is ongoing 
  • Third-party injuries and property damage due to errors in the completed project 
  • Third-party injuries that occur within business premises
  • Advertising or reputational injuries (libel, slander, and copyright infringement).

Commercial Auto Insurance

If your flat roofing business operates a fleet of service vehicles or trucks to accomplish everyday tasks, you need commercial auto insurance. 

As part of your comprehensive flat roofing insurance plan, this additional policy covers medical, legal, and repair or replacement costs in the event of:

  • Bodily injuries caused by accidents involving your commercial vehicles
  • Property damage caused by your commercial vehicles
  • Theft or vandalism inflicted on your commercial vehicles

Commercial Property Insurance

Does your flat roofing business have an office or headquarters where valuable equipment, computers, documents, and other possessions are stored? 

Protect your company assets with commercial property insurance. When you include this policy in your personalized flat roofing insurance, you will be covered in the event of:

  • Theft or vandalism
  • Natural disasters that damage the property or limit its accessibility
  • Business interruption due to the above causes which results in lost income

Workers’ Compensation

In the United States alone, around 50 roofers die each year due to fall hazards. Flat roofing contractors can protect their employees with workers compensation insurance, which offers the following:

  • Coverage for ongoing treatment costs for a work-related injury or illness
  • Compensation for lost wages while recovering 
  • Disability benefits
  • Coverage for funeral expenses

Who Can Benefit From Flat Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage?

Flat roofing insurance can benefit all flat roofing contractors. This applies whether you are running a small flat roofing business or a large-scale company. The high-risk nature of this line of work, given the significant safety hazard, calls for a comprehensive insurance coverage.

Why Is It Important for Flat Roofing Contractors to Have Flat Roofing Insurance?

Due to the high-risk nature of this industry, flat roofing contractors have a higher likelihood of dealing with property damage, employees getting hurt, and dealing with lawsuits. All of these could lead to financially debilitating scenarios that can compromise the overall health of your company. However, with a flat roofing insurance, your business will still survive and thrive, no matter what happens. Furthermore, most clients see a bonded or insured contractor as reputable and reliable.

Flat Roofing Insurance Claims Examples

Claims Example #1

  • Problem Icon

    A miscalculation during construction results in a portion of the flat roof caving in after the project was completed, causing severe injuries and property damage.  


  • Outcome Icon

    If the client takes you to court, your commercial general liability coverage will pay for legal fees and settlement on top of the related medical expenses (estimate $1,410,000

Claims Example #2

  • Problem Icon

    One of your service trucks gets into an accident, causing damage to itself and a third-party vehicle

  • Outcome Icon

     If you get sued for property damage, your commercial auto insurance will cover the legal fees as well as the repair fees for both vehicles amounting (estimate $18,000)

Claims Example #3

  • Problem Icon

    One of your employees falls while working, sustaining multiple fractures that need two months to fully recover. 

  • Outcome Icon

    Workers’ compensation will cover your employee’s medical expenses and the cost of lost income (estimate $11,300).

Leading Provider of Commercial Liability Insurance in Ontario 

At Contractors Insurance, we dedicate ourselves to giving the highest quality of customer-centric service for our clients. So when you sign up with us, here are some of the benefits we have in store for you.

Personalized Insurance Plans 

Wanting to say goodbye to costly plans with unnecessary riders? We can help you with that. Our personalized insurance plans protect your business in the most cost-effective way. 

Utmost Transparency on Coverage and Limitations

In the world of commercial insurance, jargon and ambiguities often seem to take center stage. At Contractors Insurance, we want to do things differently. So when you bring your business to us, we take all the steps necessary to be 100% and proactively transparent. We’ll walk you through all the details, like what triggers a claim and exclusions in your policy.

Thorough and Straightforward Insurance Education 

We see all of our clients as partners. We’ll empower you with everything you need to know to make informed decisions for your company’s flat roofing insurance. We will always be around as your source of unbiased information and expert recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Roofing Contractor Insurance

Typically, flat roofing contractor insurance starts at around $45 per month for a coverage limit of 2 million dollars. However, fees can increase if you add more policies. In such cases, bundling insurance plans is generally the most cost-effective option.

No. However, it’s almost a requirement for most clients because they feel safer working with bonded flat roofing contractors, which they see as a sign of reliability and credibility.


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