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Junk Removal Contractor Insurance

Contractors Insurance, the leading commercial insurance brokerage trusted by contractors in Canada, is dedicated to providing tailor-fit insurance packages to all of our clients. Our personalized insurance bundles cater to the unique needs of both businesses and independent contractors alike. This includes junk removal insurance.

If you operate within the junk and debris removal industry, our customized insurance plans will give you the coverage you need so you can focus on your business without any worries.

Through the years, we have provided numerous clients with insurance plans that perfectly suit their business’s needs. Because of our customer-centric service, we have garnered multiple awards and industry recognition that we are justifiably proud of. Rest assured that your business is safe with Contractors Insurance.

What Is Junk Removal Contractor Insurance?

Whether you clear construction sites, dispose of hazardous materials, or get rid of debris from clients’ homes, junk and debris removal entails dangerous but necessary work. As such, having an insurance policy in place can cover liability expenses arising from debris removal services.

Junk removal insurance is a customized policy made up of different coverages—all designed to protect your company against various risks, such as third-party injuries and property damage.

An all-inclusive junk removal insurance policy may include the following plans:

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance 

This policy covers accidents that may happen during your business’s daily operations. Slip-and-fall incidents, for example, can cost you a lot of money and hurt your company’s reputation when handled improperly. 

CGL covers claims from third-party bodily injury or property damage borne out of your removal work. CGL also helps pay for medical fees if someone is injured on your property or if it’s caused by your junk removal services.

Tools and Equipment Insurance 

For junk removal companies, specialized equipment and expensive tools are used at work every day. This insurance plan covers repair or replacement costs for your company’s tools and equipment in the event that they are damaged by flood or fire, or if the items are stolen, lost, or vandalized. This policy also protects your gear while in storage, in transit, or left at a project site.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance 

This insurance plan covers professional services, specifically, when your business gets sued for mistakes or oversights in work. Also known as professional liability insurance, this policy helps pay for the costs of damages caused to a client’s property and legal fees, if necessary.

Pollution Liability Insurance 

Junk removal companies deal with toxic chemicals and provide services in unhygienic places. This makes you susceptible to pollutants that may be harmful to your health. Pollution liability insurance protects you and your company from third-party bodily injury or property damage claims arising from environmental damage. It also pays for civil fines, clean-up costs, emergency response expenses, and a legal defence team, should you need one.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

Trucks and other company-owned vehicles that you use for your junk removal business need to be insured. Commercial auto insurance helps pay for injuries and property damage caused by your dump trucks. This policy also includes repairs, medical, and legal fees in case of a lawsuit.

Who Can Benefit From Junk Removal Insurance Coverage? 

Junk removal insurance can benefit companies involved in the debris removal industry. There are numerous risks presented to businesses in this sector, which is why purchasing insurance for junk and debris removal companies is an important aspect of the longevity of your daily operations.

Aside from professional junk removal service providers, this insurance policy will benefit you if you:

  • Transport junk using a dump truck;
  • Work in unhygienic places;
  • Own recycling plants;
  • Have private landfills;
  • Own donation centres; or
  • Work in toxic/hazardous waste removal. 

The above qualifiers also mean that you are at risk of injuries, damage, theft, or vandalism. This can result in financial losses if cases are mishandled. We have helped multiple independent contractors and project owners in setting up the best junk removal service insurance for them to ensure that they have full coverage against liabilities.

Why Is It Important for Ontario Contractors to Have Debris Removal Insurance? 

If you’re in the junk and debris removal industry, you’re constantly exposed to various risks and hazardous materials—whether you’re aware of them or not. Additionally, accidents can happen at any time. There’s no way of completely preventing them, so it’s best to be prepared in case unfortunate circumstances arise.

Builders Risk Claims Examples

Claims Examples #1

  • Problem Icon

    While collecting a large amount of debris from a client’s property, your staff drove the dump truck too close to the property and ended up smashing into the customer’s garage door.

  • Outcome Icon

    Under commercial general liability insurance, the expenses from this accident can be covered up to an estimated $100,000.

Claims Examples #2

  • Problem Icon

    On the way to a dump site, one of your employees gets into an accident with another vehicle, and is found to be at fault for the incident.

  • Outcome Icon

    Under commercial auto insurance, you’re covered for costs such as legal fees or repairs for both vehicles up to approximately $24,000.

Claims Examples #3

  • Problem Icon

    Your staff fails to dispose of toxic waste properly, causing an environmental hazard. Government agencies have filed legal action against you.

  • Outcome Icon

    Pollution liability insurance can help pay for the clean-up costs of up to $250,000, and provide you with financial backing in case you need a legal team to defend you.

Leading Provider of Junk Removal Insurance in Ontario 

At Contractors Insurance, we always put our clients at the forefront of our minds and treat them as partners in business. We set ourselves apart from other insurance brokers by offering these benefits:

Personalized Insurance Plans 

We guarantee that our clients only pay for the coverage they need without unnecessary riders. Did you find that something isn’t to your liking? Don’t worry! We’ll tweak your insurance bundle to fit your business’s unique needs.

Utmost Transparency on Coverage and Limitations 

A lack of transparency can be detrimental to any business. We avoid this by ensuring you understand your insurance plan front to back, what triggers a claim, and the exclusions to your policy.

Thorough and Straightforward Insurance Education 

We prioritize our client’s understanding of their coverage throughout the entire transaction. As much as possible, we avoid complicated jargon and explain everything you need to know in a concise manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Removal Insurance

Junk removal insurance cost varies depending on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • Number of employees;
  • Services provided;
  • The type of projects you handle (residential, commercial, or industrial);
  • Years of experience;
  • Where your business is located;
  • The tools and equipment you own; and
  • Your insurance claim history. 

Some of the ways to prevent or minimize the risks you might encounter include:

  • Providing protective safety gear for your employees; and
  • Hiring subcontractors who have their own insurance and can provide a valid certificate of insurance.

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