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Heavy Equipment Operator Insurance in Ontario

Heavy equipment is a crucial component in keeping construction costs low and on schedule. Without it, construction companies won’t be able to accomplish earthwork jobs and other large operation tasks.

However, industrial and heavy equipment such as earthmovers, hydraulic cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers are a different breed of machine. They can be dangerous when not used properly. Or even when they are, accidents can still happen—and when they do, they are often grave or fatal.

Operators can get caught in running equipment, collide with a concrete wall, or get crushed in a collapsing structure. 

At Contractors Insurance, we understand the dangers of operating heavy equipment. That’s why we offer insurance specifically for heavy equipment operators.

What Is Heavy Equipment Operator Insurance?

Heavy equipment operator insurance covers the hazards that heavy equipment owners, operators, and subcontractors face.

Coverage may vary depending on the specific needs of a business, but it typically includes:

General Liability

General liability covers injuries, third-party accidents, and property damage that may occur during normal operations. This is a critical must-have for heavy equipment operators.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Businesses that rely on heavy equipment need insurance to cover costs for unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs. These should be covered by construction equipment insurance.

Workers’ Compensation

Heavy equipment injuries can be serious, which makes workers’ compensation a necessity for heavy equipment businesses. It will cover medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses for workers injured on the job.

Who Can Benefit From Heavy Equipment Operator Insurance?

If you, your workers, or subcontractors operate, drive, maneuver, or control heavy equipment used in construction, consider obtaining heavy equipment operators’ insurance.

This type of insurance also benefits those who are operators of:

  • Pavers
  • Compactors
  • Excavators
  • Hydraulics
  • Planers
  • Heavy trucks
  • Articulated machinery
  • Loaders
  • Bulldozers
  • Tractors
  • Drills
  • Shovelers
  • And more

Why Is It Important for Heavy Equipment Operators to Have This Insurance? 

The types of equipment that make massive construction projects possible are the same machines that cause numerous severe, sometimes fatal injuries every year. From backhoes to forklifts, there’s no doubt heavy equipment can be extremely dangerous.

It is fundamental to be sufficiently protected from loss of income, property damage, and other liabilities in case accidents involving heavy equipment happen.

Heavy Operator Insurance Claims Example

Claims Example #1

  • Problem Icon

    While on the way to a construction site, a miscalculation in operating the bulldozer causes severe damage to a telephone pole.

  • Outcome Icon

    The operator of the bulldozer is found responsible. General liability insurance under complete heavy operator insurance will cover the cost of replacing the telephone pole which in this case is $2,000.

Claims Example #2

  • Problem Icon

    An excavator is stolen from the construction site. Although efforts have been made to recover the equipment, it cannot be found.

  • Outcome Icon

    Construction equipment coverage under complete heavy operator insurance will cover the cost of replacing the excavator. In this example, the amount is $100,000.

Claims Example #3

  • Problem Icon

    While moving within a construction site, a heavy truck falls into a construction ditch because of a miscalculation. The slope of the ditch made it so that the truck only sustained bent damage to its frame. The driver is unharmed.

  • Outcome Icon

    Construction equipment coverage under complete heavy operator insurance will cover the cost of repairing the heavy truck, which in this example amounts to $1,000.

Leading Provider of Insurance for Heavy Equipment Operators in Ontario

Contractors Insurance is one of the leading providers of heavy equipment operators insurance in the country. This is because we provide:

Personalized Insurance Plans

With Contractors Insurance, you will only have to pay for what you need—without the unnecessary riders. 

Full Transparency on Coverage and Limitations

We’ll clearly explain how you can file a claim, the steps involved, as well as any exclusions in your policy.

Comprehensive and Straightforward Insurance Education

We won’t hide any information from you behind insurance jargon and complicated explanations. You can rely on us for unbiased information, expert recommendations, and dedicated assistance every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Equipment Operator Insurance 

To most people, heavy operator insurance is either construction equipment insurance or general liability insurance. 

When it comes to construction equipment insurance, a coverage limit of $10,000 would cost around $100 per year. Higher coverage limits will also increase the premium.

Meanwhile, general liability insurance, which provides coverage for third-party injuries and property damage caused by heavy equipment operation, would cost around $70 per month.   

It is important to note that complete heavy operator insurance would have at least both of these types of insurance.

Although the law doesn’t explicitly state that heavy machine operators need complete insurance, it is beneficial for heavy equipment operators to have at least specialized general liability insurance. 

This ensures that even if liabilities for an injury or property damage fall on the operator, they would have insurance to back them up. The next priority would be to make sure the equipment itself is covered with construction equipment coverage.

Premiums That Fit Your Budget

Operating heavy equipment isn’t easy, but you can make it safer by protecting yourself with heavy equipment operator insurance.

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