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Oct 2023

How to Avoid Delays in Construction Projects

Delays in construction projects are disheartening, costly, and can have dire consequences on your reputation. In spite of their seeming inevitability, they can be avoided by planning and executing carefully....

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A sunset over a city skyline dotted with high rises


Oct 2023

What Is Dark Sky Compliance? 5 Things Contractors Need to Know

Pollutants are all around us, from pesticides and soil contamination to air and noise pollution. But did you know that excessive lighting is considered another source of pollution? This is...

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Five contractors standing in a line


Sep 2023

How To Get Red Seal Certification in Ontario

Whether you’ve been working as a contractor for a while now or just starting in your chosen trade, getting Red Seal certified is a great move to further your career...

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Glasses, income and expense statements, a calculator, and a pen on top of a blank insurance claim form


Sep 2023

How To Handle Common Construction Claims

Construction projects are often complex and physically demanding, often exposing workers to situations that can result in costly accidents. When these accidents or mistakes happen, claims are filed—do you know...

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