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Snow Removal Insurance Ontario

As an award-winning commercial insurance brokerage, Contractors Insurance is dedicated to one thing: providing contractors and professionals with comprehensive insurance plans. If you’re looking to set up an insurance policy for your snow removal business, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you run a small business or a large-scale company, our tailor-fit Ontario snow removal insurance will cover you from the unique risks that your business is exposed to.

We’ll be there every step of the way, from negotiating premiums to filing claims. Rest assured that your snow removal business is in good hands!    

What Is Snow Removal Insurance?

Snow removal insurance is specifically designed for snow removal businesses, both big and small. One of its core components is commercial general liability insurance. However, due to the high-risk nature of snow removal services, it is recommended to get additional coverage. Bundling insurance policies together is a cost-effective approach to get added protection beyond basic CGL policy.

Your Ontario snow clearing insurance package may include the following:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Snow plowing companies are responsible for keeping their customers and other third-party individuals safe and make sure they are not damaging any third-party property. This can be challenging given the likelihood of slipping on the ice or hitting snow-obscured property or nearby cars. On top of this, if you’re actively advertising as most businesses do, you’re also at risk of advertising/reputational damage.  

Commercial general liability insurance will protect snow removal businesses from financial loss associated with third-party injuries and property damage, libel, slander, and copyright infringement.

Equipment & Tools Insurance

Equipment & tools insurance will cover theft, vandalism, and other types of damage whether the unit is owned, rented, or borrowed. For example, front-end loaders for snow removal are considered equipment and fall into this insurance category. On the contrary, snow removal vehicles, like sidewalk snow plows and snow plow trucks, fall under commercial auto coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

As part of your snow removal insurance bundle, commercial auto insurance offers coverage for expenses in case of accidents, repair and replacement for theft or vandalism, and related legal fees.

Commercial Property Insurance

This benefit is for snow removal businesses with offices or headquarters containing valuable possessions, like computers and office furniture. This offers comprehensive coverage for income loss inaccessibility, damage to property, or business interruption caused by unforeseen events, such as theft, natural catastrophes, fire accidents, and vandalism.

Workers’ Compensation/Personal Coverage

Snow removal is a high-risk industry due to the unpredictability of the weather, the hazardous nature of snow and ice, the use of heavy machinery, and possible compromised visibility when it’s snowing or blindspots due to snow piles. These situations put your employees at risk of getting injured or ill while doing their job. There are chances that the workers may slip and fall and get injured.

To answer this insurance need, worker’s compensation insurance in your snow removal insurance bundle offers adequate coverage for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing care
  • Income loss of the employee
  • Disability/death benefit
  • Funeral expenses

Who Can Benefit From Snow Removal Insurance?

Snow removal contractors operating in the Greater Toronto Area can benefit from having snow removal insurance in Ontario. It does not matter whether you are a small business dealing with residential snow removal or a large-scale company handling commercial or province-wide operations, our snow removal contractor insurance in Ontario will provide you with the protection you deserve.

Why Is It Important for an Ontario Snow Removal Company to Have Snow Removal Insurance?

Due to the dangerous nature of working with ice, sometimes in extreme weather, there are potential risks and liabilities involved in the snow removal industry. But with snow removal insurance in Ontario, contractors can have the peace of mind that they won’t suffer from potential financial loss or loss of any important assets due to any unexpected mishap.

Snow Removal Insurance Claims Examples
Claims Example #1
  • Problem Icon

    Costly replacement of sidewalk snowplow after getting damaged from an accident

  • Outcome Icon

    The commercial auto insurance coverage in your snow removal insurance bundle can cover the replacement cost of around $2000.

Claims Example #2
  • Problem Icon

    The client gets injured after slipping from the ice because your employee did not apply anti-icing treatment as stated in the contract. 

  • Outcome Icon

    If the client sues for bodily injury, your commercial general liability coverage will cover the total settlement fee of $85,000. 

Claims Example #3
  • Problem Icon

    One of your employees gets hurt and is unable to work for weeks after getting injured from snow removal work 

  • Outcome Icon

    Worker’s compensation coverage will cover the medical expenses and income loss which can be valued up to $7550. 

Leading Provider Of Snow Removal Insurance In Ontario

We put our customers at the center of everything we do. Here’s why you should choose Contractors Insurance.

Personalized Insurance Plans

We can customize your snow removal insurance in Ontario according to the specific needs of your business. This way, you only pay for what you need without the unwanted costs from unnecessary riders. 

Utmost Transparency on Coverage and Limitations 

We take a proactive approach in providing you with the details of your insurance plan. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, including what triggers claims, how to file claims and certain limitations of your insurance plan.

Thorough and Straightforward Insurance Education 

As your partner in everything insurance, we can be your source of unbiased information, assistance, and expert recommendation. Be truly empowered in making the best decisions for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Removal Insurance

The bare minimum of snow removal insurance is having CGL coverage. On average, this kind of insurance starts with a premium of $55 per month for a coverage limit of 1 million dollars.

No. Snow removal insurance is not required by Ontario law. However, snow removal contractors sign up for this policy to protect their businesses from potential financial losses.

Ready to Get the Coverage You Need?

As an award-winning and trusted commercial insurance brokerage firm, Contractors Insurance provides high-calibre, end-to-end service. We are proud to have a dedicated team of insurance experts who are always ready to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and assist you with anything you need to know about your commercial insurance. Whether you’re setting up your insurance plan, making changes to your policy, or filing claims, we’re here for you all the way. 


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