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Trades and Contractor Insurance in Hamilton

For many years, Contractors Insurance has specialized in providing personalized insurance policies for contractors, tradesmen, and professionals in the city of Hamilton and across Ontario.

As an award-winning commercial insurance brokerage company, we have an in-depth understanding of the industry that allows us to go above and beyond for our clients. Our dedicated team can assist you with all your insurance needs so you can look forward to a secure future.

Customized Insurance Policies for Hamilton Contractors

With over 760,000 and a steady population growth rate of around 0.52%, Hamilton is one of the largest cities in Ontario. It’s no surprise that numerous construction projects are taking place in the area to develop and upgrade neighbourhoods and maintain infrastructure. There are ongoing projects for sewer rehabilitation, highway improvements, new home developments, and more.

Along with the constant stream of opportunities in the Hamilton construction and trades industry comes the potential for safety and business risks, which is particularly true for projects near other properties in high-traffic areas. Furthermore, competition is fierce, and many businesses cannot afford the setbacks brought by mistakes and accidents.

This makes contractors insurance Hamilton more crucial than ever.

What is Contractors Insurance?

The average number of construction-related deaths in Ontario is around 20 per year, while construction-related injuries are even higher, averaging at 357 per year. The same scenario is true for nearly every city in Ontario. For Hamilton, a death involving a construction vehicle happened as recently as late 2020.

No wonder construction is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is packed with inherent occupational hazards, such as working from heights, using high-powered tools, going into cramped spaces, working with electricity, and handling heavy materials.

Having a personalized contractors insurance Hamilton can save you thousands or even millions in case of the following scenarios:

  • Physical injuries sustained by workers, professionals, and third-party individuals
  • Damage to the building itself or nearby property
  • Professional errors leading to client lawsuits
  • Damage to expensive tools/equipment
  • Vandalism or theft involving the project site or the tools/equipment

Our Hamilton Contractor and Trades Insurance Types

Contractor and trades insurance is an overarching term for different insurance policies that can be bundled for contractors, tradespeople, and other professionals in the industry. Depending on your unique needs, specialized contractors insurance Hamilton offers:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is the foundation of this specialized policy.

It protects Hamilton contractors and tradespeople from debilitating loss in the event that their business operations cause third-party property damage or third-party physical injuries.

CGL covers the medical fees, repair and replacement costs, and legal fees and settlement up to the coverage limit. In addition, CGL also covers third-party injuries on business premises, as well as reputational or advertising injuries from slander, libel, copyright infringement, violation of privacy.

Builders Risk Insurance

Builder’s risk insurance protects any structure that is still being built. This insurance coverage protects businesses from consequential loss in cases of damage to the structure, theft, and vandalism. To an extent, equipment and materials are also covered.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds act as a financial guarantee to the client or stakeholder that a task will be completed in accordance with the contract terms and within legal and industry-established standards. In case of a breach, surety bonds will protect your business from sudden financial loss. Examples of surety bonds include payment bonds, performance bonds, and license and permit bonds.

Pollution Liability Insurance

In case your business is found legally responsible for sudden or gradual pollution due to improper waste disposal or faulty installations, pollution liability insurance will cover costs for cleanup, emergency response, and/or legal settlements.

Construction Equipment Insurance

Protect the tools that you have invested thousands of dollars on through Construction equipment insurance. This type of insurance covers repair and replacement costs if ever owned, borrowed, or rented tools and equipment are damaged, vandalized, or stolen.

Freight Forwarder Insurance

Freight forwarder insurance provides coverage for your transported materials and equipment if they are stolen, damaged, or vandalized. It protects your business, whether you transport the items yourself or you hire someone to do the job.

Note: This is NOT to be confused with “freight forwarders liability,” which is typically set up for the interests of freight forwarding or load broker businesses.

Engineer Insurance

Engineer insurance is a policy bundle tailor-fit for engineering professionals. The foundation of this type of insurance is professional liability insurance or errors and omission insurance, but additional coverages can be included as needed. It provides coverage for lawsuits relating to client dissatisfaction, negligence claims, and third-party bodily injuries.

Accountant Insurance

Accountant insurance is a policy bundle specifically put together for accounting professionals. The foundation of this bundle is professional liability insurance, but additional coverages can also be included. It offers coverage for accounting professionals if they are sued for inaccurate advice, negligence, and/or misrepresentation.

Why Choose Contractors Insurance Hamilton?

Contractors Insurance is a trusted name in Hamilton and across Canada. Our customer-centric approach sets us apart from the rest.

To ensure the best experience for our clients, we offer the following:

  • Customized insurance plans that cover exactly what your business needs
  • A straightforward explanation that makes insurance understandable for all
  • Transparency and initiative to clarify what’s covered and what isn’t covered in every insurance plan we set up
  • Elimination of unnecessary costly riders to help your business save in the long run

We specialize in providing contractors insurance Hamilton for the following:


  • Hydrovac Contractors
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Construction Contractors
  • Waterproofing Contractors
  • Snow Removal Contractors

Professional Insurance Hamilton Contractors Can Count On

Based in Toronto, Contractors Insurance is an award-winning insurance brokerage firm that you can trust. Our track record and our long-lasting customer relationships reflect our dedication to providing only the best. Our tailor-fit insurance plans will protect your business thoroughly, so you’re free to focus on what really matters.

For detailed inquiries about our contractors insurance Hamilton, please don’t hesitate to contact us today or get started with a quick quote!

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