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July 26, 2023

What Are The Highest Paying Skilled Trades in Canada?

The job market in Canada is robust as far as skilled trade workers are concerned, many of whom are being compensated extremely well for their work.

However, not all careers are made equal. Whether you’re an apprentice looking to break into the industry or an experienced general contractor, knowing the state of the industry and where the money is can help inform your next steps.

With that said, these jobs aren’t easy. The cost of a high salary is often being comfortable working in adverse conditions or dangerous situations. Experts are paid well because they have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to work safely.

Keep reading to learn more about the highest paying trades in Canada and why these professionals are in-demand!

Senior Electrician | $134,805 Per Year

Being a senior electrician is one of the top paying jobs in Canada with an average base salary of $134,805 per year. They are expected to have an advanced understanding of electrical systems and principles, as well as building codes and regulations.

Twenty percent of all fires in Canada being electrical in nature emphasizes the importance of senior electricians and why they’re atop this list of highest-paying trades in Canada. These masters of their craft get paid well because their work on commercial and residential properties doesn’t just keep the lights on—it keeps people safe!

Steamfitter and Pipefitter | $104,199 Per Year

Steamfitters and pipefitters are often exposed to harmful chemicals and fumes on the job that put their respiratory systems at risk. As you might expect, they’re paid well for doing their important—and dangerous work—with an average salary of $104,199.

Both steamfitters and pipefitters work with high-pressure piping systems. They are trained in assembling, creating, and organizing said piping systems. They are also involved in the creation of these systems, ensuring the metals used are thoroughly welded to meet standards for use in industrial settings.

 a powerline technician working from heights

Powerline Technician | $93,580 Per Year

Powerline technicians earn $93,580 per year on average, a figure that makes them some of the highest-paid trade workers in the country. As with electricians, they’re paid well because their work can be dangerous—high-voltage power lines are no joke!

Powerline technicians maintain concrete, steel, or wood poles and structures. They are often also expected to construct, maintain, repair, and operate underground and underwater electrical distribution systems. Their work keeps society running, and is why these roles are among the best paying jobs in Canada.

Elevator Mechanic | $83,273 Per Year

Elevators that have been improperly installed, poorly serviced, or outright neglected pose a serious risk for those who ride them. It’s no accident this list of highest paying trades in Canada includes elevator mechanics.

But aside from elevators, they also inspect, assemble, install, maintain, and repair chairlifts and moving walkways, like escalators. Elevator mechanics are the people who keep us moving without worry in our everyday lives!

Their salaries average $83,273 in Canada.

Industrial Electrician | $79,040 Per Year

Industrial electricians face a high number of risks while on the job, primarily being electrocuted by faulty equipment. This equipment poses an even greater risk to workers, meaning it needs to be inspected regularly by professionals.

Industrial electricians also design and implement various electrical systems and equipment, as well as maintain documentation—such as sketches and blueprints—connected to these systems. Industrial electricians have earned their place as one of the highest-paying trades in Canada with an average salary of $79,040 per year.

Plumber | $78,138 Per Year

Plumbers are responsible for installing valves and pipes and ensuring fittings in both commercial and residential buildings operate smoothly. They also maintain and repair drainage systems, gas and water pipes, and health systems.

The severity of plumbing problems can range from annoying clogged drains to disastrous system malfunctions. Plumbers make an average of $73,138 because they’re willing to get dirty for your home or business!

HVAC Installer | $74,429 Per Year

HVAC installers make an average of $74,429 per year, making them one of the highest-paying trades in Canada. They are expected to be knowledgeable in cooling and heating systems, ductwork, and electrical work.

HVAC systems can create dangerous problems when improperly installed or left unchecked for extended periods of time. Those working in this field need to be prepared for heavy lifting, working in confined spaces, and working at heights. For those who are comfortable with this, it can be one of the best jobs in Canada!

A contractor welding a piece of metal.

Industrial Mechanic | $71,701 Per Year

Industrial mechanics keep machine components moving, including hydraulics, cooling, lubrication, and fuelling systems. They’re expected to proactively detect and correct any errors before a machine gets damaged.

Their responsibilities also involve testing and recalibrating the machines they’re working on to ensure they’re working as efficiently as possible. Industrial mechanics who are experts in their field make an average of $71,701 per year, cementing their place as some of the highest-paid skilled trade workers in Canada.

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